Thursday 29 April 2010

unfurling spring

28th April10, Newton Links, 4pm

Spring tide and not much beach to play with. It's been a busy week without much time to have a longer walk.

29th April10, around Christon Bank, 8am

The recent sunny weather and a day of rain yesterday means the trees are starting to unfurl their leaves. The tree on the right is a horse chestnut which is always early to leaf and the young leaves are a beautiful luminous, lime green.

This is a beech tree just starting to come into leaf. Some beeches still have their autumn leaves, especially those in hedges; I wonder why that is.

Lichen - a sign of clean, pollution free air. This is a part of the world you can breathe deeply and safely.


Janet said...

I have just put your Unfurling Spring on my desk top.
Thank you.

Lynn Webber said...

Beautiful close-ups !