Friday 31 January 2020

working beaches

31st January 2020, Boulmer, 8am

A nice long walk from Boulmer to Howick and back.

Boulmer beach is a reminder of how this coast used to be before tourism - i.e. a working fishing community.  It's still the case in a few places.

One or more of these metal birds was stolen a few years back but it's good to see them replaced and looking good.

The strong winds of the last few days have created a platform for the shells to sit on.

Wednesday 29 January 2020

side by side at sunrise

29th Jan 2020, Alnmouth, 8am

Me and her
paws and feet
walking side by side
at sunrise

Tuesday 28 January 2020

spinning secrets

28th Jan 2020, Bamburgh, 8:30am

We were there after sunrise but in time to watch the sun creep around the walls of the castle.

A few games with Daisy in the morning light then off to meet guests for a guided walk to spin a few tales about some of Northumberland's secrets...

Monday 27 January 2020


27th Jan 2020, Alnmouth, 4pm

Sunset at high tide and the bridge over the river Aln is perfect in reflection

Friday 24 January 2020

not bored yet...

24th Jan 2020, Embleton Bay, 8am

I never get tired of a sunrise from the skaith...

Dunstanburgh castle stands majestic looking out over Embleton Bay just as it has for over 700 years (that’s about 250,000 sunrises)! But every sunrise is unique and different in the details provided by nature; aspects of sunrise a lot older than 700 years...

This morning this bright cloud caught my eye along with the first light shining across the sand ripples.

...and so along to Low Newton to start a guided walk with HPB guests.

Thursday 23 January 2020

sunset calm

23rd Jan 2020, Alnmouth, 4pm

A very calm scene down by the Aln estuary as the sun set.

A few minutes later back on the beach and there was a beautiful light looking northeast as the sun set in the southwest behind me.

Wednesday 22 January 2020

back in the saddle

22nd Jan 2020, Todburn, 9am

I don't ride myself but I can see the attraction of hacking out on a bonny morning like this...

Tuesday 21 January 2020

on the move

21st Jan 2020, Embleton Bay, 8am

As we drove up the road the sky was already full of colour and it seemed to be fading already even half an hour before sunrise.

When I was younger, I remember reading that a prize asset for a photographer was patience. Famous names described how they would stand for hours waiting for the light to change or the clouds to move. I have no patience (neither does the dog) so we keep moving. Now I prefer to come home with a set of images exploring different aspects of a location at a given time and I enjoy seeking the variety that can be found in a walk rather than the static approach. Whatever you read about photography in learned tomes, you should always seek to find your own way. This morning’s sunrise from a few different perspectives...

Monday 20 January 2020

early is best

20th Jan 2020, Alnmouth, 8am

Nice and early onto the beach to catch the best part of this morning's sunrise which was the half light of pre-dawn.