Sunday 30 November 2008

frosty the limpet & other stories

Very cold overnight and the beach was frozen. I got there just in time for sunrise over the castle which was enjoyed by at least 2 other photographers, several dog walkers, a couple of joggers, some bait collectors and a surfer. Busy for 8am on a Sunday!

30th November, Embleton Bay, 8am

freezing morning

A lovely morning so I stayed local. So local that the first picture is a frosty rosemary sprig in my own garden.

29th November, around Christon Bank, 7:30am

Friday 28 November 2008

Winter trees and frosty leaves

27th November, near Rock, 3pm

The leaves have all but gone now leaving the trees as beautiful statuesque shapes against the sky.

28th November, around Christon Bank, 8am

A good hard frost this morning. Crisp, windless and fresh.

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Odd Buildings and more found objects

26th November, Low Newton, 8am

A fine morning back in Northumberland after a couple of days away. The snow has long gone and it's pleasantly warm!

These two buildings sit in the dunes. One is a WWII bunker one is a seemingly randomly placed shed.

26th November, High Newton, 3:30pm

It's one month to Christmas and even the flotsam and jetsam is seasonal!

I wonder what sort of a journey this wee bauble has had before ending up here...?

This lobster pot was washed up a while ago and is now almost completely buried by the sand.

It makes you think what else is buried in the sand from times past...?

Sunday 23 November 2008

Snowy Beach, Snowy Hound

23rd November, High Newton, 8am

A lovely crisp morning with beautiful white snow right up the dunes.

It didn't take long for Trooper to destroy the peace and spoil the snow. He loves it. Rolling and running and rolling some more. It's great fun to watch. It takes all your cares away to watch his unbridled enthusiasm.

nice day for a cycle...

Saturday 22 November 2008

weekend of weather

Friday afternoon - Blowing a Northerly gale from the arctic. On Low Newton Beach we were blown along and sought shelter in the bird hides. The birds were all seeking shelter too and there were none to be seen.

Saturday Morning and we have had snow for the first time this winter. Not much but very bonny in the woods.

Saturday afternoon and we went to Alnmouth and along the old railway close to the river Aln.

A very pleasant walk and nice to try somewhere different.

Old railway bridge...
stubble field...
Inside Old Schoolhouse Gallery, Alnmouth...


Thursday 20 November 2008

stubborn old adorable hound

20th Nov 08, Low Newton, 8am

The high cloud was in lines, the sun was producing linear rays and a plane had left a vapour trail. An odd conjunction...
20th Nov 08, Embleton Bay, 4pm

I have a cold - possibly "man-flu" - but I don't really want to be out & about when it's a freezing cold wind. Certain hounds don't have any sympathy. Tonight he trotted off half the length of Embleton Bay, with me trudging along behind him, rather than go back to the nice warm car.

He eventually let me catch him up in the dunes where he was admiring the view...

Stubborn old adorable hound.

Another sunset

I hope these aren't getting boring! Another lovely day ended with another astonishing sunset.

19th Nov, High Newton, 3pm

I could see the sunset building up but I amused myself with some limpets.

These rockpools are on Football Hole beach

This is Beadnell Bay with Charlie and Ollie (dog owners only ever know other dogs' names not the owner's)

and this is a field that's been flooded since The Great Floods of Sept 6