Sunday 19 July 2015

mixed weather

13th July 2015, Christon Bank, 6am

Damp dog in the woods

Walked, dried, fed Now back to Zzzz

13th July 2015, Newton Point, 6pm

Rain on the wild flowers

Today's rain was soft and beautiful
Did you hear the gentle sound as it met the earth?
A million raindrop jewels
On grasses bowing their heads low
As if embarrassed to be so transformed
And to have beauty so bestowed
When they'd rather reach for the sun

14th July 2015, Low Newton, 6am

A portrait of the clouds

15th July 2015, Football Hole, 5pm

iphone panorama of the beach.

16th July 2015, Newton Point, 5pm

On the shore

17th July 2015, Football Hole, 5pm

Along the sand. Me and the dog

Andy Craig Photography

Sunday 12 July 2015


12th July 2015, Newton Links, 6am

Orchids and sundry other wild flowers in the dunes.

Andy Craig Photography

Saturday 11 July 2015


28th June 2015, nr Hexham

Daisy and a poppy

1st July 2015, Christon Bank 6am

bracket fungus

3rd July 2015, Howick shore, 6pm

Howick shore panorama

3 backlit things

10th July 2015, Newton Point, 5pm

Not interested in watching Murray get knocked out of Wimbledon so me and Daisy went to the beach.  Daisy's had a week of stitches after being bitten last weekend.  She's desperate to get off the lead - maybe tomorrow...

Andy Craig Photography