Monday 30 October 2023

autumn weather

 30th October 2023, Rothbury, 9am

It's been a grim week or more of weather.  Floods everywhere and the sea angry all along the coast.

On a brighter note, the autumn colours are glorious this year.

30th October 2023, Warkworth, 3pm

The sea rages at high, spring tide.  No beach to play with for me.

Monday 16 October 2023

running the tide

 16th October 2023, Howick, 3pm

A lovely run up and down the coast. At high tide I'm glad of the coastal path.

sun dogs

 15th October 2023, Warkworth, 3pm

Beautiful light on beautiful waves.

On our way back the sun was displaying a perfect pair of sun dogs to either side.

Thursday 12 October 2023

back home

 12th October 2023, Embleton Bay, 9am

It's always good to be back here...

fly past

 10th October 2023, Warkworth, 7am

It was all very quiet this morning until the geese arrived...

Friday 6 October 2023


 6th October 2023, Buston, 9am

There were many colours and textures in the sky and in the autumnal dunes.