Thursday 30 April 2009

Beauty and the Beast

The recent rain has brought on a growth spurt in the woods. Wild flowers are appearing but the nettles are growing too. Every year I forget how nice it is to walk along byways unmolested by the stingers until they're back and I'm reaching for the dock leaves...

30th April, around CB, 9am


Common stinging nettle

It took me a while to work this one out as it's not any of my books but this appears to be a white forget-me-not.

Wednesday 29 April 2009

rush hour

I hit a sort of doggy rush hour this morning which was a bit too much for Trooper. I ended up trudging leaden footed through the dry sand right up at the dunes while all the folk with friendly dogs skipped along the flat, wet sand. Then they all left at the same time and we had Embleton bay to ourselves again.

29th April09, Embleton Bay, 08:30

Tuesday 28 April 2009


One shot from yesterday. It was high tide and raining but then the contrast between the grass and sand ripples caught my eye.

27th April09, High Newton, 4pm

28th April09, Alnmouth, 8am

This mound has had a church on top for centuries (some say 7th century) and was then part of the village. After a storm, the river changed course and cut it off from the village and the church fell out of use.

As soon as the sun's out this poppy's ready to go...

Sunday 26 April 2009

The Camera Club

The beach was suddenly inundated with photographers discussing lenses and tripods. The sun came out for them and I'm sure they got some beautiful shots. My photojournalist instincts meant I had to turn the tables a bit. Then we went to the next beach...

26th April09, Howick Coast, 6pm

Trooper was on top photogenic form in the evening sun

"The bathing house" is a self-catering cottage in a stunning location right on the rocks. The current occupants were in the sun and out the wind and were enjoying a glass of wine - That's the way to holiday!

sands of time

After a day in Edinburgh photographing a lovely wedding, it was good to be back with Trooper on the big empty beach.

26th April09, High Newton, 8am

Who would ever tire of this view of beadnell bay from High Newton?

The Colt's Foot flowers have turned into clocks.

Thursday 23 April 2009

The Thing

I found a thing on the beach today. I have no idea what it is, so I left it at the Warden's hut for the National Trust wardensto find.

23rd April09, Beadnell Bay, 15:00

The NT Warden's hut

The Thing. It's around 2 feet long, it's soft and leathery and weighs 25 kg or so. Underneath is lighter in colour and hard to the touch. It must have been alive at one time but is it animal or vegetable?

Wednesday 22 April 2009

pew with a view

Early on the beach today. Someone had left their seat from yesterday. I wonder why they didn't take it home?

22nd April09, Embleton Bay, 7:30 am

Tuesday 21 April 2009


There are lots of options for walks around here so much so that I realise that I haven't been somewhere for a while. So it was with Howick. So I went.

21st April09, Howick Coastal Path, 3pm

Fulmars and Kittiwakes nesting on the cliffs.

Another evening walk - down to the beach for the sunset. Many promises were made tonight that we will do this lots over the summer...

21st April09, High Newton, 8pm

Athene noctua

An evening's perambulation around the village with an unhappy dog ( he wanted to run on the beach I expect) Lovely light through the trees and we saw a Little Owl which was a bonus.

20th April09, around CB, 7pm

See 19th April for another shot of this tree in different weather.

Working today, so a quick walk round the woods this morning. I didn't have to go far for the first shot of my neighbours garden in the morning sun.

21st April09, CB, 7am

Monday 20 April 2009

Pyramids of Newton

At last a beautiful day for the weekend visitors. Shame the wind was like ice.

19th April09, Embleton Bay, 3pm

Back to the peace and quiet after the school holidays. Photographically I love all weather - there's always someting to photograph. However a fantastic morning like this lifts the spirits even if the photos are a bit postcardy.

20th April09, High Newton, 8am

Sunday 19 April 2009

old railways

I do like an old railway. They make great, level walking and are always good to explore. This stretch ran from Alnwick North West to Coldstream in the Scottish borders. Watch this space, there's more to explore...

17th April09, nr Alnwick, 2pm

Another new path today across the fields near the village. I liked this new shoot from the old stump.

19th April09, nr Christon Bank, 8am

Friday 17 April 2009

watery sun

Still cold and misty down on the beach, but the sun's up there shining away on the wrong side of the cloud.

16th April09. High Newton, 8am

A NE wind has stirred the sea up. There was a wonderfully invigorating seaside smell wafting in from the waves. Today's podcast was "excess baggage" from BBC radio4 and 2 very enthusiastic chaps were expounding on the joys of cemeteries and of walking. Trooper was keen to go on too but despite all this cajoling, the cold wind meant I remained sluggish like a lizard out of the sun.

17th April09, High Newton, 8am

PS anyone from outside the UK who wants to hear a Very British accent - tune in!