Saturday 30 March 2024


 30th March 24, Warkworth, 9am

Easter Saturday and this is the level of crowdedness I can cope with

Friday 22 March 2024

east vs west

 22nd March 2024, Embleton Bay, 8am

The strong wind was straight out the west but the sun was in the east so eventually I found a sheltered sunny spot on "Daisy's perch" to rest my feet.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

so equinox

 20th March 2024, Bamburgh, 9am

Spring flowers decorated with raindrops.  So far so equinox

angles and reflections

 19th March 24, Bamburgh, 9am

Finding angles and reflections

Monday 18 March 2024

Blue Monday

 18th March 24, Beadnell Bay, 9am

Another sunny day to enjoy a blue Monday

Saturday 16 March 2024

lifted spirits

 16th March 2024, Buston, 7am

I often talk about finding photographs in the landscape and how I enjoy the challenge of finding photographs on less than perfect days. 

It's still true but I'll hold my hand up that the recent spell of unremitting grey weather has been quite challenging for me! 

So I celebrate the return of the sun this morning and the beautiful light on the waves. 

My spirit is lifted.

Thursday 7 March 2024

springtime thoughts

 7th March 24, Shilbottle, 4pm

Wandering round the muddy fields in the drizzle it’s easy to just slip and slide and trudge home. 

Instead, I thought I’d look for a sign of spring. 

I remember my Mum snipping catkins to add to her spring flowers when she was walking me to nursery school. 

Many years ago, in a different country, but spring remains; bridging the seasons of my life and linking today’s winter mud to the promise of the warmth of summer.