Friday 31 October 2008

Stormy day

It seemed only Northumberland was to have the bad weather on last night's forecast. Fair enough, we've had some good weather recently.

Me and Trooper dodged the hailstones and kept dry on the beach as the storms passed by.

High Newton, 8am, bright, cold with hailstorms.

Trooper was in reflective mood....

...but still managed a run around in the dunes.

Wednesday 29 October 2008

The Place Where I Sit

Just off my walking route there's a wee hollow which keeps the wind off, there's a wee rock for me to sit on, some grass for Trooper to sit in, and you get this view. It's a grand place to sit and contemplate the day ahead. At high tide the water is up to the foreground rocks, this is low tide.

Meanwhile, the breakers continue although the wind died away days ago.

.The sun was shining through this grass and it was dancing in the wind with a joie de vivre that lifted the spirits.

Tuesday 28 October 2008

evening drama

This was a dramatic walk.

Howick Coast, 4pm, weather bright but stormy, huge seas and high tide. 2.5 C i.e. cold!

The sea was dramatic...

the light on the sandstone was dramatic....

the sky was dramatic....

...and even Trooper decided to strike a dramatic pose!

Big Seas

The wind of the last few days has brought big breakers to the coast.

Dunstanburgh Castle is a beautiful backdrop in any weather and is always in silhouette at this time of day in the winter. There are often 3 or 4 photographers on the beach when it's a holiday week like this as it's a well known subject.

Embleton Bay, 8am, weather bright, yet snow showers(!), v cold 3 C

I met the family in this picture as we ran back to the cars sheltering from the snow which suddenly appeared over the dunes. A Good Old Bracing British Seaside day!

Monday 27 October 2008

More Skyscapes

It's the skies round here that are the best feature. This evening there was a very angry looking rain cloud which missed us on the beach and passed a few miles out to sea giving those on the beach the best seat in the house for a lovely lighting display.

Low Newton Beach, 4pm, weather cold, N wind and stormy showers.

To Limp or Not To Limp

Trooper awoke with a limp. He got a short unphotogenic walk and then we went off without him (shame!)

We went briefly to the coast then headed slightly inland to Howick Gardens. Lovely spot much to recommend it, not least the teashop.

Sunday 26th October, Howick coast and Howick Gardens

Monday 27th October High Newton, 8am, weather bright (again!)

Trooper's limp only appears when he's in the house. Show him a beach and he's off like a rocket. His limp reappeared as we headed back to the car - funny that!

I wonder if there will be anything to photograph when I'm off to the same old beach but something always comes up. Unknown people love to build things with flotsam and jetsam and this installation of 3 wooden pillars that were nicely aligned with the rising sun is a fine example.

This is one of a pair of Snow Buntings probably just arrived from Scandinavia where they spend the summer. Welcome to Northumberland little friend.

Saturday 25 October 2008

Windy again

We were joined by friends for our evening walk today.

Same place as yesterday - somewhat different weather!

Sandblasted legs and whipping grasses in motion.

Friday 24 October 2008

sunrise to sunset

The last entry was sunrise this morning and here we are at sunset. Su, or at least Su's shadow has sneaked into a photo here. Trooper's instantly recogniseable, even in silhouette

5:30pm Beadnell Bay and Long Nanny, weather; blue everywhere!

Eye on the sky

A beautiful morning and I got to the beach in time for sunrise (just about).

Some lovely if obvious sunrise shots and then my eye drifted to the clouds that were looking very impressionistic and the swans that were in a picturesque mood!

Low Newton Beach, 8 am, weather bright (and warm!)

Thursday 23 October 2008


Thursday 23rd October, Football Hole, Weather cloudy.

Not much happening with the weather today so I took a few of the dog.

I also like trying to make abstract images from details I find. Here is some sky reflected in the sand.

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Evening walk

Su wanted to walk with us for a last time before the clocks change and it gets too dark post work.

It got pretty dark by the time we were back but the sky was beautiful and gentle.

Wednesday 22nd October, Embleton Bay, approx 6pm weather dry, cold.

Tuesday 21 October 2008

After The Storm

Yesterday's winds have passed and left a beautiful, bright morning.

21st October 8am, Embleton Bay, Weather very cold but bright and clear. I wandered around the golf course in and out of the castle's long shadow until the rising sun lined up with the window of Lilburn Tower. New light shone through the old window.

This sandcastle was built at 8 o'clock in the morning by a very warmly wrapped up Mum and daughter. Gold Star for dedication !

Welcome to Northumberland360

This Blog is a diary of photographs of the Northumberland coast of the UK.

I'm on the beach pretty much everyday with my faithful one-eyed-hound Trooper and this gives me tremendous access to the ever-changing light tides and weather of this spectacular area.

On the downside, I can never be bothered to carry my full photographic kit so the concept here is to present some thoughtful snapshots of the beach on as close to a daily basis as I can manage.

Why 360?

Because I'll be on the beach nearly but not quite 365 days a year and because I'll try to present a 360 degree view of the coastal area. Whatever comes up as Trooper and I walk around.

Monday 20th October - 8am, High Newton-by-the-Sea, Weather bright but very windy.

Monday 20th October - 4pm Low Newton-by-the-Sea, Weather dull and extremely windy