Wednesday 30 March 2022


 30th March 2022, Buston, 9am

There's nothing like a bit of changeable weather for a wander on the beach.


 29th March 2022, Warkworth, 9am

The heartbeat of the sea.

Friday 25 March 2022

open windows

 25th March 2022, at home, 6am

About 6am a bright orange glow filled my bedroom and drew me to the window. 

The sun was sitting just above my wee bit of sea burning with the most beautiful vivid colour.

25th March 2022, Howick, 9am

Up and down the coast with skylarks and sunshine. 

At the end of my run I sat by Cullernose point watching the comings and goings of the fulmars that are starting to gather.  To my surprise a pair of guillemots flew past too. 

Two days of summer

 23rd March 2022, Buston, 9am

Much fun to be had in the summer-like weather

24th March 2022, Buston, 3pm

A whizz down the hill to the beach (and back up again!)

Tuesday 22 March 2022

tracks and trails

 22nd March 2022, Buston, 7am

Just my footprints and a few rabbit tracks up in the dunes.

tide's up

 21st March 2022, Buston, 4pm

A very high tide so my run was along the coastal path - A very pleasant 2nd backup plan.

Friday 18 March 2022

hot n cold

 18th March 22, at home, 6:15am

18th March 22, Warkworth, 7am

A bit later on and my run started in freezing cold but by the end I'd warmed up to the point of being far too hot.

Monday 14 March 2022

Thursday 10 March 2022

Special things

 10th March 2022, Holy Island, 10am

Things that make Holy Island special:


The coast, 

The land. 

All together on one small island that feels much more special than its size would suggest.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

whipping winds

 9th March 2022, Buston, 8am

9th March 2022, Budle, 2pm

A peaceful view under expansive skies over the water to Holy island

Tuesday 8 March 2022

joie de vivre

 8th March 2022, Longhorsley, 8am

Henry's enjoyment of life is infectious...

Monday 7 March 2022


 7th March 2022, Embleton Bay, 9am

Nature's take on the Ukrainian flag.

Some photos from a shiny kind of a morning on a PhotoWalk on Embleton Bay today. 

I started the day without any particular photographic inspiration but then you become immersed in the photography process and let your mind be full of the world around you, and that's when you start to find photographs and the inspiration flows.

Friday 4 March 2022

grey days

 2nd March 2022, Hauxley, 9am

Grey skies are OK when they look this nice.

3rd March 2022, Warkworth, 2pm

A natural, timeless (and nearly colourless) seascape.

4th March 2022, Boulmer, 8am

They say the sun will return tomorrow.

6th March 2022, Longhorsley, 8am

A frosty early morning run.