Friday 30 October 2009

In search of Autumn

Off inland to the woods this morning to try to find some really nice autumn colours.

30th Oct09, around Alnwick Castle, 8am

Thursday 29 October 2009

There's always one

28th Oct09, High Newton, 5pm

A nice atmosphere this evening slightly disturbed by the speedboat who was intent on annoying the seabirds to draw attention to himself.

Once he'd gone, I was able to concentrate on more important things.

29th Oct09, around Christon Bank, 8am

A wonderfully calm morning with a heavy dew and an understated dawn.

29th Oct09, High Newton, 3pm

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Strangely warm

28th Oct09, Howick Coast, 8am

They're calling it an Indian Summer as it was around 17 degC today (last year it was nearer 5 degC at this time).

On any walk, when the coast first appears it's a moment to draw breath and be thankful for being here.

Black Elderberries in profusion

Red Hawthorn berries on Lichen encrusted stems

Orange Sea Buckthorn berries

Not sure about these teardrop shaped berries, but they're lovely.

Rose hips

This is Hedge Woundwort related to nettles (and mints). It flowers through to October but this is late October...

The hedges that are so interesting at this time of year finally yield to a fine vista over the bay and the glittering sea. A single Eider stayed put while the gulls bickered and flew up and around.

While I sat and enjoyed the warmth of a sunny seat, Trooper was very patient.

The bay where the Howick burn meets the sea is a lovely spot.

Up past the reconstructed "stone-age" hut. The new fences look a bit busy but are very good at keeping the cows at bay - they used to wander all over this path and made it a no-go route somedays.

Dog-walk Captured

Dog-walk Captured

Doors shut
“This Way”
Farmer working
Angry cows
Turn round
Other path
Coast appears
Breathe deep
Past beach
“Not today”
Through gate
Muddy path
Other dog
Miles away
Slimy mud
Cycle tracks
Walking, slipping
Black berries
Red berries
Orange berries
Teardrop berries
Rose hips
Autumn’s riches
Flowering nettle
Strangely warm
Glittering sea
Single eider
Gulls bicker
Onto beach
“Leave ball”
No chance
Wade river
Sunny seat
Five minutes
Ten Minutes
Dog Patient
Inspiration strikes
Standing staring
Five minutes
Ten minutes
Idea born
Reverie breaks
Lovely spot
Dog distracted
Grab ball
Sands fly
Happy dog
“Leave ball”
No chance
Better move
Other dog
Nice people
Tails wag
“Lovely day”
“Too warm!”
Dog’s off
“Come here!”
“Wait! Now!”
Vocabulary exhausted
Catch up
Lead on
Who’s Boss?
Up hill
Stone-age hut
Pause here?
Not today
Farm track
New fence
Easy walk
Distant farmer
Cows calm
Best behaviour
Short Lead
“Woof, woof!”
“Shut-up, Dog”
Car awaits
Circle complete
Dog-walk captured

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Hello Sailor

27th Oct09, Christon Bank, 8am

Fine, autumn colours are all around now. This horse chestnut was one of the first to drop its leaves and they lie all around the woods, decorated with lovely conkers.

27th Oct09, High Newton, 4pm

This patch of sand reminded me of a tropical fish...

Lichen abounds around here - it's a sign of pollution free air, just as well as the wind was filling my lungs.

The thought that a burly sailor may have dropped this by accident tickled me. It's odd that the bottle says "float away". Prescient.

Monday 26 October 2009

clocks fall back

23rd October09, High Newton, 4pm

Trooper hadn't had much of a run this morning so he was enthusiastic this afternoon.

24th Oct09, Howick Coast, 5pm

A fine end to a miserable day's weather and then we spotted this lovely wee starfish which brightened the day up even more.

26th Oct09, Embleton Bay, 8am

Not much happening this half-term Monday morning with a few visitors and dogs but all well behaved and polite to Trooper, who was polite back. Lots of light due to the clock change at the weekend but me and Trooper were ready to be up at 6am this morning - it takes longer to adjust the internal clocks than it does the house clocks.

Friday 23 October 2009

not the castle again!

Dunstanburgh castle is just so easy to photograph. I wonder how many times it's appeared on here?

23rd Oct09, Embleton Bay, 8am

A token photo without the castle just to prove something or other.

Thursday 22 October 2009

Warning, contains violence

Right, let's get back to it.

22nd Oct09, Howick coast, 8am

The swell was from the SE and was producing grey, violent seas. Spectacular but poignant.

The ferry from Amsterdam to Rosyth always passes at this time of day and it was hugging the coastline today (but still too far away to photograph).

Cormorants keeping out of the waves.

Away from the sea, the peaceful waters in the pools drew my eye.

Happy Birthday

265 posts later, the blog is 0ne year old!

Originally one year was the objective but it's pretty clear to me that there's a lot more to see and photograph. As long as me and Trooper are out and about we may as well keep going.

For a few months, Big Brother has been watching you in the form of Google analytics. I enjoy looking periodically to see if anyone's bothering to look at the blog... Here's a few stats: For September 09, there were 427 visits from 86 of you so about 14 visits per day. I had visits from 13 countries including Australia (Hi Lynn!) Switzerland (Hi Kerry!), UK (Hi anyone else who knows me!) USA, Brazil, Canada, Turkey etc etc. A very flattering 85.9% of you visit more than once - Thanks for your continuing interest it makes it seem worthwhile and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Feel free to use the comments facility - I love to hear what you think.

But it's goodbye to these old friends; they've covered quite a few miles but seawater and leather isn't a good combination and the leaky bits aren't good for the oncoming winter!

Tuesday 20 October 2009


I suppose it is a feature of autumn that when it's sunny, the light is better than any other time of year but when it's not it's not.

19th October09, Beadnell shore, 8am

19th October09, Low Newton, 4pm

Emblestone. At low tide a rocky headland, at high, spring tide like this, no more than a tiny island is visible.

Monday 19 October 2009

pushing the limits

I set myself a rule that only walks within sight of the sea would be included on the blog - well rules are meant to be ignored!

17th October09, Coquetdale and Harbottle, 4pm

A fine walk on a gorgeous, autumn afternoon.

Harbottle Lake

Autumn is the season for fruiting fungus...

...and lovely light

This poem won a prize a few years ago and is engraved on this stone near Harbottle Castle (of which little remains). Ironically it was none of the things mentioned that caused the castle to be so ruinous, it was the locals "quarrying" the stones from the castle to build their village houses!

18th Oct09, High Newton, 7am

A beautiful morning and a lovely dawn.

18th October09, High Newton, 5pm

The day's promise became cloaked in grey.