Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Back from a week away (see elsewhere for details).

13th Oct 09, Low Newton, 4pm

A bit dull at first, flat grey skies, the sea couldn't be bothered - tappy lappy on the shore. Not much of a welcome home.

Strange, small towers constructed by a visitor and modified by the wind.

Low Newton Pool, a Moorhen doddles about. Just out of picture a brown bird with a red beak and grey head meandered past. This was a water rail - a notoriously secretive bird rarely seen out of cover. Suddenly a much more interesting day!

...and then round the corner the trees were all covered with a golden vine. Now, I used to work in a brewery so I know hops when I see them but you don't see them in the wild very often. The cones were past their best but crushing them still released the most gorgeous aroma. I wonder if The Ship Inn's brewer knows these are here, 200 yards from his brewery...

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Lynn said...

I love the subtext of this!