Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy Birthday

265 posts later, the blog is 0ne year old!

Originally one year was the objective but it's pretty clear to me that there's a lot more to see and photograph. As long as me and Trooper are out and about we may as well keep going.

For a few months, Big Brother has been watching you in the form of Google analytics. I enjoy looking periodically to see if anyone's bothering to look at the blog... Here's a few stats: For September 09, there were 427 visits from 86 of you so about 14 visits per day. I had visits from 13 countries including Australia (Hi Lynn!) Switzerland (Hi Kerry!), UK (Hi anyone else who knows me!) USA, Brazil, Canada, Turkey etc etc. A very flattering 85.9% of you visit more than once - Thanks for your continuing interest it makes it seem worthwhile and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Feel free to use the comments facility - I love to hear what you think.

But it's goodbye to these old friends; they've covered quite a few miles but seawater and leather isn't a good combination and the leaky bits aren't good for the oncoming winter!

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