Tuesday 28 April 2020

be prepared

28th April 2020, Buston, 11am

Today's cycle was delayed by a puncture before I even left the house but once I was off it was a blissful blast down to the beach, along the sand and back via paths through the dunes.

Monday 27 April 2020

spring colours

27th April 2020, Buston, 4pm

Beautiful colours of sycamore leaf buds in the bright spring sunshine.

Thursday 23 April 2020

all too brief

23rd April 2020, Warkworth, 8am

What used to be happy days are now happy moments.

Do you see blissful solitude or painful loneliness or maybe a bit of both? When someone else’s life passes close to mine* I always wonder about their life, their story and their thoughts as they walk up the beach.

*not too close obvs

Monday 20 April 2020

rare treat

20th April 2020. Warkworth, 7am

An opportunity for a rare beach visit.

Sunday 19 April 2020

misty wanderings

19th April 2020, Longhorsley, 7am

A lovely combination of sunlight and mist early this morning.

It was nice to have time to wander with the camera while the dogs sniffed about.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

too hot?

15th April 2020, Buston, 7am

Another short hop to the coast. If I walk round the village fields I meet at least a down other people.  Here I'll meet no-one.

There was not a cloud in the sky and they say it could be 19 degC today!  (that's like summer around here for foreign readers)

Daisy dipped her paws to cool off

From various spots up in various dunes I've photographed this view a lot of times. I always debate whether to have the sea in focus or the grass.

sand flowers that I left for the next walker...

We hung about for a bit but it's not really the thing to do right now (despite there being nobody else here).

Tuesday 14 April 2020

waves and sun

14th April 2020, Warkworth, 7am

Just a short hop from home but due to the restrictions this only my 2nd trip to the beach with Daisy for 3 weeks.

The bright sun was shining across the sea and outlined the beautiful shapes described by the waves. From where I stood on the beach, the light was catching sea spray as it flew up from the breakers right in front of distant Coquet Island.

From a perch higher in the dunes the lighthouse rose above the waves for different compositions.

Plenty of social isolation hereabouts.

Heading for home again (a bit reluctantly)

Saturday 11 April 2020

sights and sounds of springtime

11th April 2020, Longhorsley, 8am

A walk through the springtime woods where nature is bursting into life.

Daisy and I both had twitchy ears and eyes.

I spent my childhood wandering around woodland like this and it’s a very comfortable place for me.

I watched a tree creeper for a while and heard my first willow warbler of the year amongst countless different birds singing and calling over the sound of the little stream.

This white stuff is a 'slime mould'  called Enteridium lycoperdon or Cauliflower Slime Mould or False Puffball.  It's about the size of half a tennis ball and the consistency of angel delight. Thanks to Rachael T on Facebook for identifying this for me.

Thursday 9 April 2020


9th April 2020, at home, all day

I saw a goldfinch perched on my neighbour's feeder but by the time I'd grabbed my camera and focussed it, he took off just as I pressed the shutter button.

Pretty pleasing, if accidental, result

Wednesday 8 April 2020

2 legs good, 8 legs not so good

8th April, Shilbottle to Alnmouth, 2pm

Today’s exercise took me from home to the beach for a quick fix then back up the big hill.

If I catch this thing I want to be fit enough to fight it.

First time I’ve seen an octopus on the beach. Not much life in this wee guy