Sunday 29 September 2019

the pub with no beer

29th September 2019, Alnmouth, 6pm

Quite busy on the beach for Saturday night sunset.

And then the pub was so busy we couldn't get served.  Fortunately we had supplies at home...

Tuesday 24 September 2019


24th September 2019, Embleton Bay, 8am

There is beauty in greyness...

Monday 23 September 2019


23rd September 2019, Alnmouth, 7am

A pond of water on the beach reflected the light that lingered after the dawn

Soon, Daisy came to join me...

I snapped this one from the back of the car.  I get a better 4G signal here than I do at home so it was quite pleasant sitting writing my blog listening to the sea.

Sunday 22 September 2019

webs of mist

22nd September 2019, Hauxley, 8am

A very foggy drive over to the coast and drops of mist hung on the cobwebs by the village.

As we walked the mist was burning off and the light changed every minute.  Soon enough Coquet Island appeared from the mist where previously its location was only apparent from the foghorn.

Walking along the misty beach my eye was drawn to the pebbles and cobbles on the shore.

Sometimes a photograph leaps out as the landscape offers both a subject and a composition. This was the case with the half-wet, half-dry pebbles in this photograph.

At other times, I have a clear idea in my head of the photograph that I want to find among the millions of stones. In my head I need to show the colours of the pebbles but in a simple uncluttered way without extraneous patches of grass etc. The pebbles should be uniform in size so that one large stone doesn't dominate and spoil the rhythm of the composition. Another texture for contrast can work as long as the simplicity of the composition is maintained. All these ideas are in my head and I can get quite lost in the process of searching to see if this photograph is to be found.

Today this photograph met my idea of what I was looking for. The 'story' in the photograph is the colours of the different sandstones and limestone while the decaying seaweed contrasts with the seemingly everlasting pebbles. Well, that's how my mind works...

Looking up the vista back up the beach was beautiful.  The mist cleared to reveal bonny morning clouds

tongues out

21st September 2019, Longhorsley, 9am

There is beauty amongst even the most common weeds.  This is rosebay willowherb in fine autumn colours.

20th September 2019, Longhorsley, 3pm

Lots of lolling tongues on a very warm afternoon.  Fortunately there's a convenient stream for calling off...

Friday 20 September 2019

another sunrise

20th September 2019, Alnmouth, 7am

Just another beautiful sunrise...

...then Daisy posed nicely to make it more interesting

Thursday 19 September 2019

feels like autumn

19th September 2019, Longhorsley, 7am

Shadows of autumn
Walking under harvest sun
A new season comes

Wednesday 18 September 2019

looking and seeing

18th September 2019, Alnmouth, 7am

I wandered up the beach but not much seemed to inspire this morning.

Eventually, as often happens, I got my eye in and started to see photographs here and there.

Back at the car I sat on a bench, looked at the sea and drank my cup of tea until it was time to head home...

18th September 2019, Rothbury, 6pm

sandy beds

17th September 2019, Warkworth, 7am

First walk of the day on Warkworth beach.

Later we’ll be on Bamburgh beach for a guided walk then Alnmouth to finish the day.

No wonder my bed is full of sand...

new friends

13th September 2019, Hauxley, 6:15am

Waiting for the sun...

 These days some of my landscapes feature cocker spaniels instead of Daisy the lurcher.  This is Hattie posing nicely.

...and without a dog

Henry, Daisy and Hattie

13th September 2019, Alnmouth, 8am

It seems like the sun is only just up
And the day has only just begun
But already it’s time for one last look at the sea
Before we head home

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Finding solitude

10th September 2019, Budle Bay, 8am

Alnmouth is a good beach for socialising, meeting and chatting.

For solitude Budle Bay is hard to beat.

Monday 9 September 2019

beach running

9th September 2019,  Alnwick, 11am

I love Barter Books for people watching and general sitting around.

9th September 2019, Alnmouth, 4pm

Fun and games in the sun.

on the green

7th September 2019, Longhorsley, 8am

Hints of autumn are around us now.  This is good - I like autumn

Old Jangle doesn't get many photos as she doesn't do a lot at 13 years old.  So here are some nice photos of the dear old girl.

8th September 2019, Longhorsley, 8am

Long late summer shadows completing the portraits of all the doggy family 

Friday 6 September 2019

in the best place

6th September 2019, Embleton Bay, 8am

We had plenty of time to hang around as we got there before 8am and Daisy was joining me on today's guided walk at 10am

People come and go
Light changing on the sea
Passing time
In our favourite place

Sometimes you need to get rained on a bit so that you can be in the best place when the storm moves on.