Saturday 30 October 2010

Cards and calendar

A few folk have been asking so I have made my Greetings cards, 2011 Calendar and Christmas cards available on-line from

My cards and calendars will also be for sale at the Embleton Craft Fair on 13th November.

The calendars are a very limited release of 10.

(If you've previously received one as a Christmas present you'll be getting one again!)

solitude and beauty

30th October10, Embleton Bay, 7am

Three men on the beach early this morning but each was on his own. One photographer, one jogger and one dog-walker. Each man enjoying the morning in his own way.

A one second exposure with my wee camera balanced on my gloves.

After a nice chat with the photographer I headed off and the view back to the sea was lovely. The waves from the high tide were funnelling up The Skaith disturbing the silky smooth waters.

Thursday 28 October 2010

the path to the future

28th October10, Howick shore, 8am

The new path is nearly finished and it will make the muddy trudge along here into a distant memory.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

surf n' turf

23rd October10, Harthope Valley, 11am

Into the cheviots for an autumn walk. Gorgeous colours and a lot of water in the rivers and becks.

Our nature bonus: We came across a small colony of hibernating ladybirds.

24th October10, Low Newton, 11am

We'd walked from Newton Links to Low Newton and were ready to head back. Daisy looked longingly at Low newton beach wanting to go and join in the fun...

25th October10, Embleton Bay and Fallodon woods.

I can't guarantee good weather for a course but Dan had good luck with the weather on Monday. We walked from Embleton bay up to the castle and after lunch headed to Fallodon woods for a bit of a change of scene.

27th October10, Low Newton, 8am

After a miserable and dull day yesterday it was back to glorious sunshine for this morning.

This is probably a flock of golden plover. I've been told that they have a winter roost out on the Emblestones. When they're in residence you see them taking off and flocking around regularly.

Where wind and wave meet
Two unstoppable forces
Outcome? Beautiful.

Thursday 21 October 2010

long time no sea

21st October10, Embleton Bay, 8am

The sky was looking beautiful from the kitchen window so Daisy and I hurried to the beach. I've been compiling my 2011 calendar this week and I realised I hadn't been to Embleton Bay for a good ol' fashioned winter sunrise for a while (last winter unsurprisingly!)

Wednesday 20 October 2010

trees and sky

20th October10, Alnwick Moor, 3pm

The autumn colours are brilliant at the moment and with the sun shining we headed to somewhere with trees and sky.

The view North towards Cheviot and its minions.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

accidental wildlife No. 2

19th October10, Newton Links, 8am

A wonderful morning to be on the beach. Acres of sand and a beautiful sunrise and all just for me and Daisy.

Before we reached the sand the morning light was lovely on the autumn shrubbery. Accidentally I've photographed a Robin; can you spot it?

A sunrise like this couldn't be better...

...or could it be better with a wee addition to the foreground?

Monday 18 October 2010

Oh Deer

17th October10, Fallodon Woods, 8am

Very pleasant wandering through the woods this morning.

As I framed this shot three roe deer bounced across the gate. If you look carefully the camera's slow shutter speed has captured the ghostly shape of one of them.

Huge amounts of contrast between the bright sun and dark shadows but this shot has come off surprisingly well...

Sunday 17 October 2010


16th October10, Holystone, 3pm

The hills were calling me so we went to just West of Rothbury to Holystone woods. It had been recommended to me by someone after I was moaning about access (again).

There's a lot of history hereabouts. "The Lady's Well" may date to Roman times and the water (which tastes excellent) still supplies the village. Christians took over the Roman site and renamed it Holystone.

The late afternoon light was lovely through the trees and foliage.

This avenue of venerable beech trees have seen a lot pass below their boughs.

The path leads to Dove Crags - outcrops of sandstone (similar to singin' hinnies a few days ago). A very peaceful spot that reminded us of similar damp havens of tranquility in Madeira.

Mixed vegetation from grasses, native deciduous trees contrasting with evergreen conifer plantations and distant heather clad hills.

A fine view across to Simonside bathed in the last sunlight of the afternoon.

The road back to the car park is along the line of a Roman road and rounds off a fine walk. It was nice to wander paths without any restriction and Daisy got a mad run around the woods. She didn't seem overly tired though...

Saturday 16 October 2010

an inland view

15th October10, Boulmer, 4pm

Boulmer always seems to have interesting light. It's a genuine fishing community with relatively few holiday homes so it's not as tidy and glamourous as other 'resorts'.

It's rare for me to stand on the coast and photograph inland but here's an exception.

16th October10, Low Newton, 8am

The morning looked unexciting from home but when I got closer to the beach the sun was just rising and was beautiful.

Friday 15 October 2010


15th October10, Newton Links, 8am

Breathless and ominous today. Cold, grey clouds threaten rain later and the sea lies beneath them monochrome and quiescent.

Even Daisy was briefly contemplative...

...but then decided it would be more fun to play on the steep sand dunes (which is her new thing). Note the new grown-up dog collar.

Wednesday 13 October 2010


11th October10, Craster, 2pm

I've seen other photography training courses marching past the harbour at Craster; determined as they are to photograph Dunstanburgh Castle from the rocky shore. Personally I like to take clients to the harbour and here are a few photographs recording the details of things in the harbour.

While I'm in the mood this one is part of a hut on Dunstanburgh golf course on the same day.