Sunday, 17 October 2010


16th October10, Holystone, 3pm

The hills were calling me so we went to just West of Rothbury to Holystone woods. It had been recommended to me by someone after I was moaning about access (again).

There's a lot of history hereabouts. "The Lady's Well" may date to Roman times and the water (which tastes excellent) still supplies the village. Christians took over the Roman site and renamed it Holystone.

The late afternoon light was lovely through the trees and foliage.

This avenue of venerable beech trees have seen a lot pass below their boughs.

The path leads to Dove Crags - outcrops of sandstone (similar to singin' hinnies a few days ago). A very peaceful spot that reminded us of similar damp havens of tranquility in Madeira.

Mixed vegetation from grasses, native deciduous trees contrasting with evergreen conifer plantations and distant heather clad hills.

A fine view across to Simonside bathed in the last sunlight of the afternoon.

The road back to the car park is along the line of a Roman road and rounds off a fine walk. It was nice to wander paths without any restriction and Daisy got a mad run around the woods. She didn't seem overly tired though...

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