Thursday 30 September 2010

dewy eyed

30th Sept10, Craster to Howick 8am

After so many dull, uninspiring days at last a morning to make you want to get up and go. So we did.

The grassy fields were soaking with recent rain and with overnight autumn dew.

There was a subtle mist in amongst the trees all backlit by the low sun.

Not a place to be if you don't care for spiders but the dewy webs were a bonny sight.

Finally the route arrives back at the sea for the return leg to Craster. An amazing number of flies and all heading South! There were thousands streaming in one direction and I could only see a handful flying North. Migrating flies?

Monday 27 September 2010

taking advantage

27th Sept10, Low Newton 8am

An unpromising morning for a photography course but there's always something to photograph even if it's a client! Hope you don't mind appearing here Viv!

Thursday 23 September 2010


23rd Sept10, Low Newton 8am

Equinox; the start of autumn. Trying new training techniques on Daisy this morning learned last night at puppy class. Let's say a mixed success. She got a severe telling off for blatant naughtiness and we stomped home in respective moods. Not without noticing how ridiculous it was to be in a huff on such a calm, peaceful morning.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

looks familiar?

21st Sept10, Newton Links, 5pm

No, not Daisy, yet another sister! Meet Lucy. Lucy's owners have had to hand her back to Alexa's Animals so she's available for rehoming. I understand there's already a queue! She has much softer, lighter fur but has the same size, shape and cheekiness. Beautiful Pups.

miles of emptiness

21st Sept10, Newton Links, 8am

A soft metallic light this morning. We passed our regular chums and then saw not another soul for miles and miles of empty beach. Yesterday afternoon the Low Newton Car Park was nearly full - there are people around somewhere but not here and not now.

Monday 20 September 2010

thirsty dog-walkers

18th Sept10, Low Newton, 5pm,

Crowds were dispersing back to where they came from and the beach was quiet. The wind and waves were putting on a great spectacle.

We were never able to visit pubs with Trooper as he was a bit unfriendly with other dogs in confined spaces. Daisy is very friendly so we had a pint of beer from the Ship's micro brewery and shared the tables with 2 Jack Russels, a labradoodle, a collie, a black lab and a German Shepherd. It's a popular spot with thirsty dog walkers!

Daisy was getting a bit bored though and thought it was time she was in a picture...

19th Sept10, Newton Links, 6pm,

Sand like a mirror; salty spray in the air. I do like to be beside the seaside.

Saturday 18 September 2010

Normal Service

16th Sept10, Embleton Bay, 8pm,

A beautiful evening on the beach with the new camera. For those interested, I used to use a Canon G9. when it broke I bought a G11 but found the build quality to be very poor for the money. I returned it and bought a 2nd hand G9 off Ebay for half the cost. Lovely to have a new, old friend.

17th Sept10, Howick Coast, 4pm,

Chilly but bright today out along a path we haven't been for ages.

18th Sept10, Embleton Bay, 7am,

Three similar views of the morning sky. Each has a different sandy foreground and I like them all so why choose?

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Daisy waits

15th Sept10, Newton Point, 4pm

Some more iPhone images. This time with an "App" that makes the photos look old and damaged - interesting concept...

First one before we left the house

Daisy quickly grew bored with my "App"...

This could be an old family snap from the 1970's

Finally we made it to Football Hole

Embracing technology

14th Sept10, Fallodon Woods, 4pm

The first photos taken on my new iPhone for the blog. A replacement for my normal camera will be coming soon but it's not a bad substitute.

The local sheep were showing a fair bit of interest in Daisy - almost as much as she was in them. She's been meeting sheep all her life to try to keep her polite - so far so good...

Lovely sun in the woods.

Thursday 9 September 2010

An English morning

9th Sept10, Christon Bank, 7am
So I now have a cold after my soaking on Tuesday; just in time for our 6 hour drive to the NW of Scotland today. Then this morning, as if to say "you might as well stay here...", the village was putting on a very English, beautiful, autumn morning. I would have had more photos but Daisy knocked the camera from my hand and it's broken.

I think I need a holiday. Back Soon!

Wednesday 8 September 2010

beach closed

7th Sept10, Embleton Bay, 9am

After such fine weather of late it was disappointing to have heavy rain and wind for an all day training course. Gavin & Barry were willing to face the elements so we went out for a couple of hours.

The wind was whipping through this barley field. The farmers will be hoping for a return to dry weather to get this harvested before it gets flattened.

A bit later in the day the sun came out but the sea was still thrashing about in the bay. A very high tide meant that no-one could get on the beach.

Monday 6 September 2010

blowin in the wind

4th Sept10, Newton Point, 8am

Daisy watches the sea.

6th Sept10, Newton Links, 5pm

A bright afternoon but no-one else on the beach on account of the howling wind. Daisy didn't mind and enjoyed a good old run about.

Friday 3 September 2010


3rd Sept10, Low Newton, 8am

It's interesting that a potential picture will appear in a place that you've walked past a thousand times. I'd not given this signpost a moments glance until this morning when it caught my eye.

A footpath sign set in a beautiful landscape, on a beautiful morning - inviting isn't it? Shame I have too much work on to take advantage as much as I (and Daisy) would like - I could have walked all day. Still it's not bad to be able to spend an hour on the beach.

Daisy's lurcher temperament is coming through now. She could walk for hours (if we'd let her) but a couple of flat-out runs chasing her new ball and she needs a lie down.

Wednesday 1 September 2010


31st August10, Low Newton, 8am

Off for a circular walk with my client Valerie for a PhotoTrail training course. After 45 minutes we'd got around 20 yards but had nice pictures of these two bright subjects.

Later we came upon this little raft; beached at the edge of the skaith with a push it happily drifted along with its feather sails. Lovely work.

1st September10, Embleton Bay, 8am

Another training course on another cracking morning. It was 8C at 6:30 this morning but had warmed up nicely by 8am. I had to photograph another wee raft made by a visitor and sailing around on the skaith. There was a less impressive one nearby this morning so there's been a busy raft building family...

A lovely sight to watch the horses galloping through the water.

A few images on a similar abstract theme.

1st September10, Boulmer Steel, 1pm

I saw a programme about balancing stones on "Coast" on the BBC. This is the first one I've found and it was a thing to behold. Up close, the points of contact were vanishingly small. This must have taken hours, tremendous patience, steady hands and a zen-like state of mind.