Wednesday, 8 September 2010

beach closed

7th Sept10, Embleton Bay, 9am

After such fine weather of late it was disappointing to have heavy rain and wind for an all day training course. Gavin & Barry were willing to face the elements so we went out for a couple of hours.

The wind was whipping through this barley field. The farmers will be hoping for a return to dry weather to get this harvested before it gets flattened.

A bit later in the day the sun came out but the sea was still thrashing about in the bay. A very high tide meant that no-one could get on the beach.


Paul said...

Looks like good surfing conditions to me.....!

Lynn Webber said...

Wow, Andy! Fantastic elemental photos. I love how the wind on the barley field seems to be dissolving it to water. I hope Gavin and Barry were rewarded for braving the weather with great photos too!