Saturday 28 February 2009

Back to the beach!

Changeable weather means interesting light and the beach was in good form this morning.

28th Feb09, High Newton, 8am

We met Flynn this afternoon. A beautiful rescued lurcher pup. Trooper was jealous of his youth and let Flynn know who's ball it was in no uncertain terms! Nice to meet Flynn and his family (enjoy your weekend in Northumberland!)

28th Feb09, Low Newton, 3pm

The waves left these interesting patterns in the sand.

Friday 27 February 2009

To the moors!

Away from the sea and it's mid-afternoon spring tide and up to the moors instead for some mooching about in the wind. Some lovely late afternoon light as we trudged across the peat.

27th Feb09, Jenny's lantern, 3:30pm

Thursday 26 February 2009

More of The Same

It's the nature of this blog project that subjects repeat. Some of the photos from today are similar to previous entries but together they are a unique collection representing Today.

26th Feb09, around Christon Bank, 9am

26th Feb09, High Newton, 4pm

Having said all that, the sea urchin is a new one to my lens He is, or was, a Green Sea Urchin. He was complete apart from his "violet tipped spines". I suspect he made a tasty dinner for a bird soon after I saw him.

Also new is the stone man. He is like an Inukshuk. I'll leave you to google that one....

Wednesday 25 February 2009

looking back

Normally I take photos out over the sea or towards Dunstanburgh Castle (and indeed I did today) but today I also looked over my shoulder and the light was beautiful on Low Newton-by-the-sea.

Tuesday 24 February 2009

perched erratics

Today I was interested by the way the pebbles on the beach were all from different geological sources. Mostly sandstone and limestone which are both local rocks but they still make a nice contrast with each other and with other items on the beach.

24th Feb09, High Newton, 2pm

Trooper buried himself in the old grass. It's not clear to me what he gets out of it but he does it a lot and loves it!

Someone had spent a long time with an old bottle making these patterns in the sand. For all I know it may be of deep significance to someone or it may be a random act of boredom. Either way it appealed to me.

Thursday 19 February 2009

Sand Dragon

I think this was probably made yesterday and it's a bit worn away now. That's a shame but I thought it worth capturing it. Congratulations to the anonymous scupltors!

19th Feb09, High Newton, 3pm

Spring - but not that one

19th Feb09, Howick coast, 9am

Wandering along the shore discussing geological issues with my friend we happened upon a spring I had not seen before. The water was fresh and tasted very limey - not surprising given it's bubbling up through limestone.

Meanwhile the stone-age hut is complete and has a sign giving useful info. I straight away learned that the hut is stone-age not iron-age as I've said on this blog before. The sign doesn't explain why the hut is held together with non-stone age nylon netting.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

The Snowdrop & The Sea King

On my way for a walk at Howick Gardens to see the much vaunted snowdrops, I was waylaid by this RAF Sea King on a rescue or excercise. A bit of a contrast once I got to the gardens although they're so popular it wasn't particularly peaceful there either!

18th Feb09, Howick 14:00

A Bit Of Colour

It's been dull for a few days but I've also been in a bit of a monochromatic mood. This atmospheric, misty morning did nothing to change that but there's a bit of colour here.

18th Feb09, Low Newton, 08:30

I believe this is something to do with fishing...