Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Beach wedding

I ended up bringing my bride and groom (Mary and Mark) to Beadnell for their wedding photos as it was such a beautiful day at the coast (it was snowing in Alnwick). There are a few more shots here.

10th Feb09, Beadnell Bay, 11am

10th Feb09, Low Newton, 3pm

Later, and by way of a contrast, I went to check out a bar-headed goose that someone had mentioned to me yesterday. This species hails from from the Himalaya where the migrate at an enormous altitude, but actually this one is most likely an escapee from a collection. He seems happy enough hanging out with the other geese as he's apparently been here all winter. He's a very handsome bird and deserves a better photo than this!

This "bungalow" at Low Newton is by far the most stylish of them all. It struck me that it looked like a really hot day somehwere exotic from this angle with this blue sky.

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