Tuesday 17 February 2009

Signs of spring

Doesn't the heart lift when the snowdrops come through? Especially after the weather of last week, it's lovely to think that spring is around the corner...

17th Feb09, around Christon Bank, 9am

These trees are reflected in the water and the photo is upside-down. It's such a perfect reflection that the only way you can tell is the perspective.

These branches are reflected in the water after a fish jumped; soon the whole pond was rippling. It made the effect much more interesting

A lovely sky this morning.

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Lynn Webber said...

Very intriguing photos today. I love the way you captured the ripple effect on the reflection of the branches in the water, so ephemeral. And the one of the ..is it a upturned plough or something? ...against the trees and the lovely sky. That is a wonderful juxtaposition.