Wednesday 30 June 2021

what's the story?

 30th June 2021, Warkworth, 8:30am

I don't know how it got here but this is a pineapple with a back story.

A latter day Robinson Crusoe of the fruit world.

I'll maybe come back and collect it if out hasn't been claimed by Friday!

Daisy was enjoying the coolness of the morning.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

new shapes and unexpected colours

29th June 2021, Alnmouth-Warkworth, 11am

The river and the sea have carved a new shape in th beach this morning.

29th June 2021, Alnmouth-Warkworth, 11am

Lat year in lockdown I was doing a lot of cycling around here - not so much this year but it was great to be out and about again.

A crop of linseed giving an unexpected splash of colour by the side of the road home.

Monday 28 June 2021

stealing the show

 28th June 2021, Alnmouth, 6pm

Beautiful waves this afternoon but the clouds stole the show.

two weathers

 26th June 2021, Warkworth, 9am

A rainy day (after weeks of warm, sunny days)

The sedum held onto the raindrops like precious jewels.

The contrast with wild thyme was a beautiful splash of colour on a grey day.

Henry was a little damp dog on a big wet beach

 27th June 2021, Newton, 9am

Back to the warm sun and Daisy was keen to dip her toes in the sea to cool off.

Friday 25 June 2021

catching up...

Sorry for the lack of recent blog updates - First time I've sat at my computer for ages!!

13th June 2021, Buston, 5pm

15th June 2021, Warkworth, 9am

13th June 2021, Longhorsley, 3pm

A quick cycle to Paxton Dene - a beautiful little spot.

16th June 2021, Alnmouth, 8am

16th June 2021, Kidlandlee, 9pm

Working high up in the cheviots - I had to brave a lot of midgies for this shot of the last sunset light shining across to Simonside.

17th June 2021, Warkworth, 8am

21st June 2021, Longhorsley, 3pm

21st June 2021, Longhorsley, 9pm

A solstice sunset walk

22nd June 2021, Alnmouth, 12noon

22nd June 2021, Longhorsley, 5pm

24th June 2021, Warkworth, 4pm

Last of the warm days as rain is forecast...


Friday 11 June 2021

Joyous Answer

 11th June 2021, Boulmer, 6am

The early light wakes me 
And makes me curious 
For what’s going on 
Down by the sea 

Not a lot 
Is the joyous answer

Thursday 10 June 2021

white feet

 10th June 2021, Warkworth, 7am

Up bright and early.  This continued warm and dry weather means you just sling on shorts and a shirt and off you go...

Trying to let my feet catch up with the tan on my legs

On the path back home for breakfast

Wednesday 9 June 2021

there and back again

9th June 2021, Embleton Bay, 9am

Exercising the semi-retired status today. We had a lovely long walk from High Newton to Dunstanburgh and back via a refreshment break in the sun outside the Ship Inn.