Wednesday 27 July 2022

little things

 27th July 2022, Low Newton, 10am

My favourite photo from 2 hours of wandering the coast on a PhotoWalk this morning was this little pair of harebells at the side of the path. 

After a while you start to notice everything in the world around you. It's a nice state of mind to find yourself in.

Monday 25 July 2022

phones are OK

25th July 2022, Low Newton, 10am 

Interesting changeable weather for today's PhotoWalk.

Today was all about using phones for photography.

Friday 22 July 2022

cool grey

 22nd July 2022, Warkworth, 8am

Cool enough for a longer run along the sand to the cross and back inland.

photo fail

 21st July 2022, Low Newton, 10am

I was busy photographing these thistles when I heard a noise behind me. A beautiful deer had hopped out of the hedge a few feet away. 

He stood and watched me and I watched him. 

Eventually I remembered I had a camera in my hand and it was even switched on! By the time my slow brain got there he was heading off. 

I’ll never make a photographer

21st July 2022, Shilbottle, 4pm

Some details of the wildflower strip at the edge of the field next to the village.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

hot later

 19th July 2022, Boulmer, 7am

Up nice and early while it's relatively cool.  It was only 21C and breezy at the coast but I suspect it'll be back up to 34C later today.

Monday 18 July 2022

hottest day ever (nearly)

18th July 2022, Buston, 7pm

Still over 30C at home but much cooler on the beach.  

It was all very beautiful looking down over the (still very busy) Alnmouth beach.  It was then I walked into a cloud of flying ants which wasn't so pleasant.

I hung about for ages before saying goodbye to the beach and the sea.

Back up the bumpy beach road as the sun started to set into the clouds.

18th July 2022, Warkworth, 8am

Today the forecast is for unprecedented hot weather.  The hottest day ever (except tomorrow which may be hotter.

We hit the beach early, had a walk, had a swim and then breakfast in Bessie.

Back home it was 33C in the garden.  It's OK - just like being abroad.

sheep on road

16th July 2022, Rothbury, 1pm

On the way to Rothbury Music Festival.

A sheep-based traffic jam seems appropriate for a folk festival.


rain runner

 15th July 2022, Boulmer to Howick, 8am

At last a bit of rain to cool down the world.  My legs work better in the rain.

15th July 2022, Longhorsley, 5pm

The sun came out again by 5pm but the world it fell on was refreshed.

cool grey start

 12th July 2022, Boulmer, 9am

A pleasantly cool, grey start but it started to get a bit warm by the end...

Monday 11 July 2022

Two blue days

11th July 2022, Warkworth, 9am

same place, same time, same weather

Three planes seem to converge to the east.  Looking on the app they are actually all flying parallel tracks.

Interesting optical illusion.

10th July 2022, Warkworth, 9am

Beautiful blue sky weather.  Very hot down south - nicely warm here.

Friday 8 July 2022

get off your phone?

 8th July 2022, Embleton Bay, 9am

A very interesting and enjoyable PhotoWalk today where we talked exclusively about using an iPhone for photography.

I use my phone a lot and I was pleased to explore the possibilities on a beautiful day today.

8th July 2022, Howick, 12noon

Straight down the coast for a quick run along one of my favourite stretches of coastal path.

animal vegetable and mineral

7th July 2022, Bamburgh, 9am

We drove up to Bamburgh and had a lovely walk around Budle Bay before lunch back at the camper van under blue skies. 

5th July 2022, Bamburgh, 11am

The whinstone shore is full of fascinating geological features if you know where to look.

This sandstone/quartz pebble was trapped by the whinstone as it cooled 300 million years ago.