Tuesday 30 March 2010

Spring unsprung

A bit of a set-back in the progress towards spring. Cold, wet, misty and the overnight rain has flooded the streams.

30th March10, Rock village, 8am

Monday 29 March 2010

Ever increasing circles

28th March10, Bamburgh, 11am

Windy but bright and we headed North, away from the crowds and into the wind.

I fancied the wind blown walkers would have been a suitable subject for LS Lowry. Even down to the dogs running about. Being a painter, he could have had the castle in the picture and many more people added to the foreground. I can only tweak reality not add to it.

Northumbrian coble - out the water for the winter.

29th March10, Christon Bank, 3pm

Rain all day here today and rumours of snow up north again. Not much wind though and I like a soft rain pattering on my hood as I wander around keeping Trooper well away from the lambs.

As I promote my new training business via existing and new connections in the tourism industry, I saw a metaphor in the widening ripples of the rain drops in the pond.

Saturday 27 March 2010

the beachcomber

26th March10, Newton Links, 4pm

Trooper was recognised today from his appearances on the blog and he was very pleased with himself. It's always nice to meet a regular visitor.

Here we see a beachcomber carrying home some winter fuel as well as some litter. That big stick may have been useful to fend off the bullocks on the path. Nice to meet you and Thanks for helping to keep our beach clean!

27th March10, Christon Bank, 8am

The lambs have plastic coats on (I assume to protect them from this week's heavy rains). I love to watch sheep with their lambs, they are so caring and loving. I do enjoy the spring...

27th March10, Cratster to Howick, 10am - 2pm

A fine, longer than normal walk on a beautiful day.

Trooper clears the fence Not bad for an old, one-eyed hound!

Friday 26 March 2010

patterns in the mist

There is a different atmosphere on the beach every morning and I like to spend a few moments each day observing the weather and its effect on the mood. Sometimes the waves crash with violent energy, sometimes the rain and wind hit with such ferocity that it's hard to catch a breath. Today, a heavy mist hung over land and sea. The sea was far out on a low tide and the waves were small but any sound the distant waves made was absorbed and deadened by the fog. No action shots today.

25th march10, Newton Links, 3pm


Wednesday 24 March 2010

limpet graveyard

24th Mar10, Football Hole 3pm

The sea has collected an enormous pile of limpet shells on the beach today. Some days you could walk here and see none.

25th Mar10, Low Newton, 4pm

These limpets were very much alive and lurking in their crevice awaiting the high tide.

There is a rock around here called "the vanishing rock" which is buried under the beach sand for the most part. It appears every few years if the weather conditions are right and the sand is scoured away. It has been thus for centuries and there is grafiti on the rock dating back to the 16th century. I was quite therefore quite excited to spot writing on this rock as I've only just learned where to look for the vanishing rock. I think though that this is not it. ;-)

Monday 22 March 2010

back to the woods

20th March10, Hepburn Woods, 3pm

I haven't been here for a while and it was very pleasant wandering around. The light through the trees was making bold patterns of the trunks.

22nd march10, Low Newton, 8am

Meanwhile, the toads are pairing up.

Saturday 20 March 2010

due east

19th March10, Embleton Bay, 6am

Big Day today, the launch of Northumberland Photo Training at the tourism fair in Alnwick. So I was up early and got to Embleton bay in time for sunrise. Being the vernal eqiunox (within a day anyway) the sun is due East at sunrise.

It was a beautiful day, the beach was all ours and the light was performing its best magic. I went home full of confidence - who wouldn't want to learn about photography here??

As it's now the day after the event I can reveal that the day went better than I could have hoped. Lots of accommodation providers around the area are very keen to work with me on the project. Roll on the summer...!

Thursday 18 March 2010


18th Mar10, Low Newton, 8am

Willow catkins. Another welcome sign of spring.

It's also the season for the toads to go forth and multiply. There were dozens on and around the path and I was trying to guide Trooper's paws around them.

On my podcast this morning, a quote from Scottish poet Norman MacCaig which put into words thoughts I have had many times. Such is the power of good poetry..

Who possesses this landscape?
The man who bought it or I who am possessed by it?
False questions, for this landscape Is masterless and intractable
In any terms that are human

A Man in Assynt
Norman MacCaig


16th Mar10, Craster, 11am

Robson's of Craster smoke fish in traditional open fired kilns and the result is that the whole village can smell amazing.

Monday 15 March 2010

spring in the woods

13th March10, Embleton Bay, 6:30 am

Up early for a beautiful morning.

Time for an allegorical photograph. See how the dawn of each new day brings a choice of paths...

14th March10, Fallodon Woods, 4pm

Gorgeous late afternoon light filled the woods and it was a pleasure to stroll around.

My first Primroses of the season.

Fallodon woods are in effect an arboretum. I noticed that there are at least 7 different trees in this one group.

Bee hives. All quiet today. I guess it will not be long before the bees are out of hibernation.

Thursday 11 March 2010


10th March10, Craster to Dunstanburgh, 7pm

An evening walk along a path that we rarely tread. There are always sheep here and sometimes cows so Trooper doesn't get off the lead and he likes a run...

As a West coaster originally I kind of miss the sunsets over the sea but the sunrises compensate. Here, the sky coloured beautifully all over as the sunset out of sight away to the West.

11th March10, Howick Coast, 8am

The sky was very interesting this morning. A sheet of thin cloud lay overhead but out to sea it ended abrubtly in a well defined edge.