Saturday 31 January 2009

Good to be alive

Some mornings make you feel Alive - or is it just me? The wind was so strong that it was the most invigorating of walks.

31st Jan09, Low Newton, 8am

Friday 30 January 2009

A Bit Gloomy

A bit gloomy looking isn't it? It was also a freezing cold Easterly wind so we didn't hang about. Even Trooper seemed pleased to get back to the car today.

30th Jan 09, Embleton Bay, 08:00

PS - I hope you enjoy the new improved blog!

Wednesday 28 January 2009

Big Day

A Big Day in the sense that everything feels Big. I think it was the tide being out and the skies above just had a Big feel to them.

28th Jan 09, High Newton, 8am

28th Jan 09 Bewick Moor, 14:30, 6 degC

A beautiful day up here on the moor. Soaking wet underfoot but it looked great!

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Tae a Dug

With apologies to Rabbie Burns here's a few shots as a tribute to Trooper.

27th Jan 09, Football Hole, 9am

Patiently awaiting while I photograph something-or-other.

Impatiently waiting for me to throw the ball.

After the sprint. Trooper only ocassionally does a real flat-out sprint. Here he returns from a run a bit out of breath. Looking at his tracks, the distance between his leading rear paw and first front paw was over 7 feet. It's great to watch him in full flight. Not bad for an old, one-eyed lurcher.

Monday 26 January 2009

catch up

A weekend's worth of images to upload...

24th Jan09, nr Seahouses, 15:00

Grand views of the Farne Islands and a Sea Bream who's swimming days are over.

25th Jan09, around Christon Bank, 08:00

25th Jan09, Low Newton, 14:00

26th Jan09, around Christon Bank, 08:00

26th Jan09, Football Hole, 15:00

A busy weekend on the beach had left its traces for man, beast and bird alike.

Saturday 24 January 2009

abstract image

24th jan 09, around Christon Bank, 07:30

I do like these trees against a sunrise sky and have photographed them before (and probably will again)

This one's an abstract image formed from natural elements.

Friday 23 January 2009

Too Nice to Ignore

I was prepared to call it a day after this morning's photos but I had the ol' camera in my pocket anyway...

23rd Jan 09, Long Nanny, 15:30

Glad I did.

This is a favourite roosting spot for various gulls and other birds. They gathered as the afternoon light faded and as the wind dropped away it became obvious why it's a good spot to spend a peaceful night.

Men at Work

23rd Jan 09, Low Newton, 9am

While I'm wandering along the beach with the dog others are hard at work.

This chap was clearing rubbish by burning some and removing the rest. I warmed my hands by his fire then gave him a hand off the beach with the old window which made me feel better about my luxurious, indolent lifestyle.

The Ship Inn Brewery was at full steam ahead

This limpet's working days are over so the wind had scuplted a podium for it to rest upon. It must have worked hard when it was alive to merit such a lofty perch.

Thursday 22 January 2009

as long as you can see the sea

22nd Jan 09, High Newton, 8am

22nd Jan 09, Ros Castle, 14:00

I ventured a bit further inland this afternoon but I could still see the sea!

Ros Castle is the site of an iron age settlement and medieval beacon. Certainly a good viewpoint whatever your pruposes. 7 castles are visible from the summit but I could only see 5.

The Old church at Bewick

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Who's on the beach?

This felt like a spring day. I had one less layer of fleece on, a less extreme hat and non-thermal trousers. Also there were many more people around ( perhaps 5).

21st Jan 09, Football Hole, 1pm