Sunday 25 October 2015


25th October 2015, Football Hole 8am GMT

It's maybe my favourite day of the year in the sense that I can have a lie in but still get up and out a normal time

The photographer's dilemma can be choosing from a number of similar images.

I like each of these. I like the ears, I like the profile and I like the close up

So I posted them all!

Saturday 24 October 2015


Today I found an eyrie.
A sheltered place up high
Where beach life can go it's own way
And I am merely an observer

Eyes shut to sooth the wind tears
I can only hear the waves.
I know what they look like
They are old friends to me
That don't require constant attention
To be always in my thoughts

Another old friend stands tall above me
Alert and curious as the day unfolds.
She would say hello
To those beach walkers
But seems content to share my eyrie
And be an observer too

Eventually dawn comes
Always a bit later than expected.
Crimson edges to the stormy clouds
Now my eyes have something to see

Thursday 22 October 2015

chilled but not relaxed

22nd Oct 2015, Dunstanburgh, 5pm

The cold air has arrived a fresh breeze prevented me from hanging about too long this evening - looks lovely though!

I walk the dog twice a day, every day and I take photographs - often very similar photographs.  What I patiently wait for as a photographer is the rare occasion when all of a sudden there is a special juxtaposition of subject and light, a once in a lifetime congruence of time and place when a unique photograph is born.

it's the föhn!

21st October 2015, Newton Links, 5pm

14 deg C  warm and bright.  Apparently it's the föhn effect.  Warm, dry air on the lee side of the hills as the Atlantic weather rolls in...

On the west side of the dunes all was shady but as we climbed up to the ridge, the late summer light was waiting for us.

not very autumnal

20th Oct 2015, Long Nanny, 6pm

Warm and balmy - the weather is to change soon but so far it's unseasonably warm.

The east wind has died away and the sea is taking a break

Saturday 17 October 2015

Brisk and braw

17th Oct 15, Embleton Bay, 8am

Chilly wind and cloudy which anywhere else can be ugly weather...

Friday 16 October 2015

Feeling the cold

16th October 2015, Howick shore, 5pm

A chilly NE wind making itself felt tonight

(In my face all the way cycling home from work too)

Thursday 15 October 2015


14th October 2015, Dunstanburgh, 5pm        

15th October 2015, Dunstanburgh, 5pm

Two days, same weather, same walk, same dog.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

We're back

13th October 2015, Low Newton, 5pm

Back from a week in Madeira:

Wherever you are
With the same skies above
You'll always remember
The places you love

Friday 2 October 2015

High pressure comes to stay

2nd October 2015, Low Newton, 6am

There has been high pressure sitting over us for a week and we've had beautiful dawns every day.  Another couple of days of this 'Indian Summer' before the weather breaks...

The sea and the sky
Beautiful in pre-dawn light
In equal measure

Thursday 1 October 2015

all day vigil

1st October 2015, Christon Bank, 6am

Daisy watches the world from the first light of dawn...

1st October 2015, Newton Point, 4:30pm the other end of the day.