Tuesday 29 March 2016

back to routine

29th March 2016, Newton Point, 4:30pm

My routine is home from work and pick up Daisy at 4pm then hit the beach asap!

This is our most common walking route but it's not a bad spot to end the day...

Sunday 27 March 2016

up early for BST

27th March 2016, Embleton Bay, 7:30am BST

Bright sun but a stiff, freezing wind this morning.

Friday 25 March 2016


26th March 2016, Howick shore, 4pm

Chilly but reminiscent of springtime

all this is ours

25th March 2016, Embleton Bay, 6am

I thought it might be busier what with Easter and a good weather forecast but I'll happily have the beach just for me and Daisy!


24th March 2016, Newton Point, 3pm

Back home after a 2 week holiday in South Africa.

Reunited with Daisy and with our wee corner of the world.

Tuesday 8 March 2016

thin line

8th March 2016, Low Newton, 6am

The darkness broken by a thin band of light at the horizon which was best appreciated at sea level on the beach. The sunrise was brief but glorious and the sun almost immediately disappeared into the grey cloud.

Sunday 6 March 2016

reflections and shadows

6th March 2016, Newton Point, 4pm

A beautiful afternoon but freezing cold wind straight from the North.

Friday 4 March 2016

Bracing breeze

4th March 2016, Howick shore, 5pm

Bracing on the Howick shore but Daisy loves the wind in her fur...

Thursday 3 March 2016


3rd March 2016, Beadnell Bay, 5pm

Today I completed my first 5K run after 6.5 weeks of training.  My time was 31 mins 31 secs.

Daisy ran way more than me of course but here she stands looking not very tired!

the beach is frozen

3rd March 2016, Low Newton 6am

The beach is frozen
But I am insulated 
Only my nose knows