Sunday 27 August 2023

finding the sun

 26th Aug 23, Alnmouth, 9am

There were heavy rain showers here and there but we were lucky to miss them all.

26th Aug 23, Amble, 7pm

Down to the harbour at Amble for dinner and a wider up the pier at sunset.

look and see

 25th Aug 23, Bamburgh, 8am

Pre-walk wander to the beach

Sometimes it’s in the details. The little things that most days we walk past. A few minutes finding the photograph in a patch of wild flowers is, to me, time well spent. 

Don’t just look, take the time to see.

Down on the beach the wavelets lapped gently on the shiny sand.

not a bad place to be

 23rd Aug 23, Bamburgh Castle, 9am

Birthday morning at work but it's a pretty good place to spend the day...

Monday 21 August 2023

A day of heather and waves

 21st August 2023, Rothbury, 9am

The heather is glorious right now.  It won't last for long so it was a joy to wander round the moor.

21st August 2023, Alnmouth, 5pm

Back on the coast after quite a while away.

Not much has changed except it was nice and warm.

Tuesday 8 August 2023

licked awake

 8th Aug 23, Newton Point, 5pm

I lay in the warm sun with wildflowers all around me and the sound of the sea in my ears and I drifted off to sleep.

I was woken up by a big friendly local dog who I've known since he was a puppy.

Monday 7 August 2023

start and end of the day

7th August 2023, Bamburgh, 9am

Early enough for work to allow a wander down to the beach.

At last a sunny day.

7th August 2023, Budle, 5pm

It was such a nice day I fancied a run up the coast after work.

Sunday 6 August 2023

blooming heather

 6th August 2023, Simonside, 8am

It's been a while since we walked up and round Simonside.

At last some sunny weather made for a beautiful walk among the bonny blooming heather.

flowers welcome

 5th August 2023, Longhorsley, 5pm

Down at the allotment the wildflower patch is starting to show some colour.  We could do with a bit of sun...

4th August 23, Bamburgh Castle, 10am

Ironic that these cannon, positioned to repel invaders, are now employed to welcome guests at Bamburgh Castle

has beens

 3rd August 23, Buston, 9am

Dark skies over the sea as showers passed us by.

And so August has begun just as wet as July has been.