Thursday 4 March 2010

kids today

4th March10, Newton Links, 8am

I used to play with toy soldiers but I was surprised to find a plastic riot policeman on the beach this morning. Do kids today play at police vs protesters? He looks a bit out of place on the peaceful sands of the beach at low tide.

The warmer weather has made the geese think about heading back North to their arctic breeding grounds. This skein was heading South. perhaps the frost this morning made them change their minds.

4th March10, Embleton Bay, 4pm

A cracking day. The beach would be busier but it's such a huge spring tide and the water was coming in fast. Also it's not so easy to get on to the beach. The waves have eroded the dunes into a 2m cliff where you used to walk down over the sand from the car park. In the spring the sand will dry out and the wind will blow the sand back into place.

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Barry said...

Hi Andy,

It was nice to meet you on the 4th - we're the couple you met just before you got to the dunes with Stan, our lurcher. Looks like you got some great pictures!

We've just arrived home from our holiday in Beadnell - back to reality...

Barry & Babs