Thursday, 18 March 2010


18th Mar10, Low Newton, 8am

Willow catkins. Another welcome sign of spring.

It's also the season for the toads to go forth and multiply. There were dozens on and around the path and I was trying to guide Trooper's paws around them.

On my podcast this morning, a quote from Scottish poet Norman MacCaig which put into words thoughts I have had many times. Such is the power of good poetry..

Who possesses this landscape?
The man who bought it or I who am possessed by it?
False questions, for this landscape Is masterless and intractable
In any terms that are human

A Man in Assynt
Norman MacCaig


Lynn Webber said...

Great poem! I'm inspired ( see my blog) Don't be cross.

Love the enigmatic frogs!

Lynn Webber said...

Sorry, make that enigmatic TOADS !