Monday 18 July 2022

hottest day ever (nearly)

18th July 2022, Buston, 7pm

Still over 30C at home but much cooler on the beach.  

It was all very beautiful looking down over the (still very busy) Alnmouth beach.  It was then I walked into a cloud of flying ants which wasn't so pleasant.

I hung about for ages before saying goodbye to the beach and the sea.

Back up the bumpy beach road as the sun started to set into the clouds.

18th July 2022, Warkworth, 8am

Today the forecast is for unprecedented hot weather.  The hottest day ever (except tomorrow which may be hotter.

We hit the beach early, had a walk, had a swim and then breakfast in Bessie.

Back home it was 33C in the garden.  It's OK - just like being abroad.

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