Sunday, 10 October 2010


10th October10, Edlingham

Not far from here lie the villages of Edlingham, Eglingham and Ellingham. Today it was Edlingham on the road from Alnwick to Rothbury. There is a lovely old church, an interesting ruined castle and a railway viaduct. Only the former 2 are open to the public. In many parts of the UK the old railways that were shut in the 1960s have been re-opened as footpaths and cycleways. Not so much in Northumberland; here the landowners guard their turf very jealously and are very suspicious of anyone coming close to their property. We had hoped to make a circular walk from the castle using the legitimate bridleways and footpaths but found the way blocked by an electric fence and the bridleway was illegally unmaintained and impassable. Very frustrating.

We gazed into the river while I tried to calm down and relax. Interesting date today (which is what I was going to write about)


Paul said...

It certainly is frustrating. I had the same problem last year with the footpath that runs from West Fallodon to Doxford Farm, just beyond the narrow strip of trees. Fenced off with enough barbed wire to keep an army out.

you-wee because said...

What a remarkable coincidence, Andy - we in Germany had exactly the same date 10.10.10 yesterday like you in Britain...

I wrote several postcards to some of my friends because of the interesting date.