Thursday 22 April 2010

busy busy world

21st April10, Low Newton Pond, 8pm

A very relaxing few minutes sat watching the ducks from the hide at Newton Pond. All was peaceful but busy: A roe deer grazed in the field, a fox wandered past pausing only for a long stretch before heading off for an evening's hunting, a grey heron found his dinner at the pond edge, the black-headed gulls squabbled over their night roosts and the mallards puddled in the golden twilight waters. Shame the binoculars were back in the car and my wee camera doesn't have a long lens...

22nd April10, Howick Bay, 8am

The sandstone hereabouts has some good fossils. This, I think, is a fossilised tree fern type plant.


you-wee because said...

...a few minutes ago I was at the dead end of the Sea Lane, having a view on the green sign of the Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course as well as on the greens and dunes behind.
Really amazing to see what Google maps street view offers nowadays...
I even found the Low Newton Pond south of Low Newton by the Sea. Are there little houses in the dunes south of the pond??? ;-)
No harm meant - I just had longing for the Sea, the cost and a dose of beach...
...and I was nosey on your shoot / hunting grounds!

Enjoy your weekend, I'm going to take a little break for a couple of days.

Andy Craig Photography said...

I can spend hours vicariously touring the world on Google maps.

It feels wrong somehow as streetview is inherently invasive but it's a fascinating way to waste an hour!

Uwe - search for "bungalows" on my blog and you'll find pictures of the holiday homes in the dunes. (there's a search function at the bottom of my blog)