Thursday 15 April 2010

2 bays in 2 days

13th April10, Newton Links, 4pm

High tide and Beadnell Bay was filled with breakers being pushed ashore by a brisk and chilly NE wind. We were trapped, treading a tortuous path between the livestock in amongst the dunes and the rising waves. Soon the ragwort will start to grow and the sheep and cattle will be moved away before they poison themselves. I won't miss them as their absence will mean the return of freedom to roam and Trooper can be given his independence off the lead.

14th April10, Howick Coast, 4pm

Trooper limped along unhappy with my choice of route. No sand to run on here; he is such a grump when he's in a mood. Such moods are of course infectious and after a mile or so of having to stop and wait for the world's slowest dog to trundle along I gave up and we both stomped back. Shame, as it was a lovely day.

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