Monday 19 April 2010

bright and shiny

18th April10, Rothbury, 2pm

A fine walk inland across the moors and through the woods. We stopped by this bonny pond to let Trooper have a cool off and a drink.

19th April10, Low Newton, 8am

A bright and shiny new morning. The sun was dazzling on the sea and the sky was reflected in the wet sand. The wetness of the sand is not left over from high tide, rather it's fresh water that seeps under the dunes from the marshy area behind. It's one of the things that makes this coast so photogenic. There is boulder clay just under the sand here which is a preserved, ancient ground level from a time when the North Sea was much smaller and a long way from here. Just after the last ice age (ca 8,000 years ago) the land would have stretched East for miles from here. Possibly you could have walked to Belgium.

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