Monday 12 April 2010


12th April10, Cullernose Point, Howick, 7pm

Kittiwakes and Fulmars nest every year on Cullernose point and their presence changes the colour of the whinstone and fills the air with the Kittiwakes' cries. The Kittiwakes were busy flying back and forward with beaks full of seaweed to build their nests. Their guano is somewhat aromatic and the birds are best viewed upwind.

12th April10, Embleton Bay, 8am

At 6am there was a haar so I went back to bed. By 8am the haar was still there rendering the seascape monochromatic. The mists soon retreated out to sea rapidly.

I think these are egg cases of something or other. they are jelly sacks anchored to the sand at one end. They were all over the low tide mark.

2nd nature find of the day a freshly expired Lumpsucker.This is a male as can be told by its orange mating season colouration.He was 30cm long and a good looking fish. Apparently they are rarely eaten by humans but the gulls will have made breakfast from this chap fairly sharpish.

12th April10, around Christon Bank, 11am

Out for a ride on the bike under the glorious blue skies. The high pressure remains and the clouds are high. It was 19 or 20 C out and about with a pleasant cool breeze.

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you-wee because said...

Guano or...

...the "art of bird shit"!

Sorry for being a bit vulgarly at the present day...

But that crosses first my mind when reading the title of your latest post and watching the first of your photos in this context!

No harm meant: the first picture with its graphical expression is my favourite! The rocks, the white guano with its "fluent structure" and the seabirds in front of the scene - more like a painting than a photography! Gorgeous!

Regards, Uwe.