Monday 26 April 2010

uncoiling spring

24th April10, Christon Bank, 8am

The ferns are uncoiling in the brighter parts of the woods. The nettles are sprouting too and soon the paths we've enjoyed all winter will be overgrown and impassable.

24th April10, Howick Coast, 4pm

25th April10, Howick Coast, 4pm

A few folk around on the path as it's a sunny weekend. These young lovers had found a fine spot to sit.

26th April10, Low Newton, 8am

I didn't even get in the car before I spotted my first picture across the road.

A different angle of The Square at Low Newton.

I photograph out to sea and into the sun most mornings so I'd decided to look inland today. Some of the 40 odd "bungalows"; holiday homes in amongst the dunes.

Trooper's warm enough to go in the sea and as a bonus we found his old ball washed ashore yesterday. He would have played here all day.

It's always a slow trot home however much fun we've had on the beach... and I have to carry the ball.

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