Monday 3 May 2010

Not For Me?

Back home after a weekend city break in Bristol - a fine city, a great concert and good friends.

3rd May10, Newton Links, 8am

Heavy showers moving down from the North today. One had just passed to move on South giving views of excellent cloud formations.

Meanwhile, a gap in the showers left blue sky coming our way to the North.

It's always a great contrast to come back here after a city break...

Not for me the streets of grey
The endless noise
Bright lights all day

Not for me the coffee bar
Where chatter fills
Your every hour

Give me the noise of a restless sea
Wind in the grass
Just the dog and me

Give me the chatter of calling birds
Wide empty landscape
Hearing no-one's words

But what of friends? Where are they
Without the noise
And the streets of grey?

Sometimes it's right to go with the tide
Bright lights are good
When it's dark outside


you-wee because said...

Dark clouds in combination with a beam / shaft of sunlight - one of my favourite combinations when taking photos on the coastline, too.

Hi Andy,
I'm back from time-out as well. I've been to Northern Germany, especially to different parts of the city of Hamburg, to the North Sea as well as to the Baltic Sea within one week.

It definitely takes some time to go through all the 1.400 photos I took during my trip. But I want to show especially the images of the North Sea coast opposite Northumberland to you, more or less at the same latitude. The great and extremly large / wide beaches of Sankt Peter-Ording. Have you already heard about this place???

Regards, Uwe.

Lynn Webber said...

Yes, it's good to have the best of both worlds. Enjoyed your poem, and the way it comes together at the end.