Thursday, 27 May 2010

Changeable weather

27th May10, Newton Links, 8am

A fine morning to wander along our normal route. Time was we would stop at Trooper's favourite spot and he would chase the ball endlessly. Nowadays he pads along, happy enough but looking older.

This woolly bear caterpillar reared up very impressively to defend himself against my close-up lens. The caterpillar of a tiger moth, his other defence is that he tastes horrible.

27th May10, Boulmer Coast, 5pm

Huge hail storms passed over, dominating the whole sky to the East. Meanwhile out to the West the sky temporarily cleared and the sun beamed down with a warm light. Before long, the next shower started to appear, darkening the Western horizon. A gorgeous late afternoon's walking and utterly fantastic photography conditions so there's a good few from this evening...

The gannet is a majestic seabird in life. This one has eaten his last fish supper but his final resting position had a macabre beauty to it.


Paul said...

Love that black & white shot with the waves crashing in the background and the stormy threatening sky....but I was wondering why is there an old wire fence running out to sea?

Andy Craig Photography said...

The fence does look odd, but it makes more sense at low tide. There are cattle on the the beach North of the fence and sheep to the South I've seen them eating seaweed in the manner of North Ronaldsay sheep but mostly they just look a bit confused!

Paul said...

Thanks for that. It certainly wouldn't win any prizes in the best kept fence competition, except maybe in the 'fence in the most unlikely place' category.