Monday, 24 May 2010

monochrome and colour

24th May10, Low Newton, 8am

After a hot weekend with temperatures of 24 C (we Brits think that's hot) it was back to normal this morning with some rain in the air and a subdued atmosphere as if the sea was tired out after a busy weekend of visitors to entertain. The sea was quiescent and reflected a monochrome sky.

This chap headed out across the haven in his kayak. I don't care for white water but this looked like a fine way to waste a couple of hours exploring.

Two yachts had been beached and their crews were getting ready to float off on the rising tide. I assume this was deliberate but yachts are a closed book to me.

Then up onto the dunes and the bluebells are putting on a beautiful show this year. Suddenly the world was full of colour again.

Back on the beach these sandcastles have been a bit battered by the rain.

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