Friday, 21 May 2010

Flat feet

21st May10, Embleton Bay, 8am

A trip to Embleton Bay for a couple of hours training with Martin. Very nice to meet with you Martin and I hope you enjoyed the day. A distant mist hung out to sea although closer in the sun shone brightly, sparkling on the water. Inland it was already getting quite warm under blue skies. As we walked and chatted, the mist rolled closer in and evaporated as it hit the beach. An interesting morning.

Part of a nicely dilapitated cable reel that had washed ashore.

21st May10, Newton Links, 4pm

Now here's a sight for sore eyes. Trooper was even running after his ball and briefly did his "Happy Hop" which we haven't seen for over a week.

So warm the shoes were off. I'd forgotten what a pain it is to dry sandy feet without a towel.


Paul said...

Been away for a few days in the Dales so haven't been able to tell you how good it is to see Trooper up and about once more.

Martin said...

Hi Andy. A very enjoyable and educational day for me. Now I just need to find time to keep practicing! Thanks a lot.

p.s. I bought the Joe Cornish book.