Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Green Woods

A wander through Fallodon Woods with Trooper on a lead to protect the squirrels and deer from his refound vigour. His steroid pills have made him ravenously hungry; I caught him with rabbit bones in his mouth twice this morning and this afternoon he was hanging off a bridge trying to get at a mouldy fish.

26th May10, Fallodon Woods, 2pm

A gentle rain was falling on the parched earth. For the first time in many months it's possible to say that the ground is properly dry and this wee bit of rain will do nothing much to ease the minor drought. As can be seen it's all very green around the woods so the plants are not suffering from the dry here although I noticed the golf course is going brown.

The old greenhouse in the grounds of Fallodon house is in perfect decay.

The ferns are coming to their sculptural best; their fronds seem to reach ever outwards as if stretching after a winter's sleep tightly curled up. I like black and white for ferns.

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