Saturday, 19 January 2019

peaceful quiet

19th Jan 2019, Long Nanny, 8am

Not a lot of colour around this morning as a misty greyness hung over the beach. Everything was very calm and quiet with the recently roaring sea having settled down a bit.

At the Long Nanny the curlews and wigeon were quietly calling their morning messages to each other and one of the loudest sounds was the gulls splashing fresh water onto their feathers.

We moved quietly through the landscape and turned back for home so as not to disturb the peaceful scene but even as we headed off in the opposite direction the wigeons, uneasy on their patch of salt marsh, took flight with an explosion of wingbeats. No sooner were they aloft that they glided back down and found themselves a spot further up the river safely on the water where they continued their whistling conversations undisturbed.

It was a morning to look for shapes rather than colours and a bit of monochrome seemed to fit the mood.

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