Sunday, 20 January 2019

meditating with a camera

20th Jan 2019, Howick, 8am

We headed inland first through Howick Hall Gardens under grey, calm skies. I was dragging Daisy all the way (it's not her favourite walk) but I didn't let he antics put me in a bad mood and I managed to find a few photos as we walked.

Down at the shore she was more relaxed and so was I.

Only when I'm properly 'in the moment' do the photographs start to present themselves to me. This is what I mean by "mindful photography' when other thoughts and worries fade and become unimportant and photography occupies my mind for a while. It's a form of meditation being in a beautiful, peaceful natural environment like this.

We were out for a good couple of hours and in that time the sun appeared and the clouds broke up. It was a day for lots of small wintery photographs...

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