Sunday, 14 August 2016

solitude and friends

11th August 2016, Football Hole, 4pm

We found a pyramid so Daisy did her sphinx impression...

12th August 2016, Football Hole, 7am

After running up to Beadnell we stopped on the way back down for a play on the big empty beach.  It's not Copa Cabana but we love it!

The wind had sculpted platforms for each shell or pebble and the morning sun did the rest...

13th August 2016, Newton Point, 6:30am

We were wandering around in the morning sun but there were quite a few people about it being the height of summer and a sunny Saturday.  We met Daisy's friends so she got a bit of a play, we managed to avoid the tourists' dogs (always an unknown quantity) and we still found a bit of the solitude I enjoy.

Andy Craig Photography

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