Thursday, 28 June 2018

where I walk

28th June 2018, Embleton Bay, 7:30am

I walk with the dog on the same beach pretty much every day and pretty much at the same time, and I have walked here for 10 years (8 years with Daisy). I have seen it in many weathers and in all seasons.

Some mornings it is not particularly inspiring and some mornings I have other things on my mind. Some mornings I force myself to find the photograph that's waiting in the landscape (this can be a useful exercise).

Then there are mornings like this one. Today the light was extraordinary with a bank of sea fret sitting just off shore lit by a high, bright sun. Today the photographs were not difficult to find and I wandered up and down the beach as the mist ebbed and flowed over an ever-changing landscape.

I'll be back tomorrow and the day after just to see what there is to see...

28th June 2018, Howick, 4pm

A very warm afternoon - too hot for me and Daisy and a lot of pollen in the air from hay baling in the field next to the path.  Daisy found a spot to cool off and I was OK once I was upwind of the dust.

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