Saturday 17 December 2016

wait for it...

17th December 2016, Embleton Bay, 8am

We climbed to the top of the big dune to wait for the sun...

After seeing yesterday's alignment of the midwinter sunrise with the castle (something I've not specifically photographed before) I decided to drop down to the empty beach to see how it looked today.

I wandered around with wet feet and an impatient hound.  I was snapping away while we waited and tried to anticipate my angle...

As the sunrise got closer I was able to narrow down the location I needed to find.  I was glad it was low tide as I needed to be right down by the waves.

Then suddenly there it was and I got the shot I wanted.  You don't get long when the sky is this clear. The sun rises very quickly, the moment is gone and the sun is soon too bright to look at or photograph.  After about 40 minutes of waiting the moment lasted for 30 seconds or so.  Well worth it though.

Andy Craig Photography

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