Thursday, 17 January 2013

snowy woods

17th January 2013, Christon Bank, 3pm

It's already noticeable, especially on a bright day, that the days are longer. So plenty of sunshine as we wandered round the limekiln woods.

Daisy's favourite spot for looking out over the field to see what's to be seen.

...and here's the view with the shadows of the trees on the snow.

There are still patches of green.  In fact the flowering currant is coming into new leaf. It always does at this time of year.  It's a resilient plant and it grows vigorously helped, no doubt, by its head start over the competition that still lies dormant.

Fern shadows on a woody shrub.

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1 comment:

you-wee because said...

Snowy woods???

Yours look slightly different from the wintery snowy forest areas in our region I took some shots from today.

Wonderful wintery, but warm scenes, Andy!

Have a great weekend, Uwe.