Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Long Walk

9th January 2013, Dunstanburgh Castle, 8am

It was cold and bright and one of those days when going back home was to be delayed as long as possible.
The sun was still half an hour away but the sky was that beautiful colour gradient - as nice as any rainbow.

Daisy silhouetted.

On S of Dunstanburgh Castle to see the sun appear out of the sea. The sheep had seen it all before...

Back up to Embleton Bay and the sun was shining onto the big dunes with that lovely golden light.

Embleton Bay was empty and it seemed far too nice a day to just go home so Daisy and I had a bit of a run around on the sand...

Nearly back to the car we met this handsome Saluki. He'd never been off the lead since he arrived at his new home from the Dog Rescue (SHAK). Daisy soon gave him a lesson in running madly around the golf course. It was lovely to see them together.

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Paul said...

Great pics Andy. Love the sunrise...breathtaking.