Sunday, 13 January 2013

Beat The Tide

13th January 2013, Holy Island, 10am

We fancied a trip to Holy Island as a bit of a recce for a possible venue for PhotoTrails this summer. (watch this space).
We had to be off the island by 13:10 before the rising tide engulfed us and the car!
I hope the images in this photo-essay are mostly self-explanatory...

 "A Couple of Hours Round Holy Island"

Lindisfarne Castle with Bamburgh Castle in the distance

The picture-postcard view

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Paul said...

I was wondering what that pointed stone structure is and whereabouts is it?

Lynn Webber said...

Great photo tour, Andy. What a fascinating place.

What happens if you don't get off before the tide comes in? Do you have to stay in one of those upturned fishing boat sheds?

Andy Craig Photography said...

Hi Paul

It's a navigation marker on the NE tip of Holy Islabd

Andy Craig Photography said...

Hi Lynn

There is a pub or 3 to wile away 6 hours until it opens again!


Paul said...

Cheers Andy.